About Us

Facilitate and improve the lives of people with a disability by enabling them to have equal opportunities

Our Mission

Our Mission is to facilitate and improve the lives of people with a disability by enabling them to have equal opportunities for choice, inclusion, and achievement at home, in the community, through support, education, and training, and in employment as other people in the community.

Our Core Values

Dignity and respect

Treat everybody with dignity and respect as individuals and appreciate and welcome their differences, to enrich all individually and collectively.


We will always do what we say we will do.


In being compassionate we will care for and nurture the whole person.


Empowerment of people with disabilities in achieving independence, wellbeing, and autonomy.


We affirm that people with a disability have the right to participate in the social, economic, cultural, political and spiritual life of society.

Our Principles

We are committed to high-quality services for people with a disability and place emphasis on people with a disability being at the center of service activities.


We are accessible to people with a disability and other key stakeholders through clear and effective communication that is easy to use and understand. We provide clear information about the right to complain, how to complain, where to complain, and how complaints will be handled.

Person centred

We respect and value the knowledge, abilities and experiences of people with a disability and support them to make choices about their lives to enable each person to live the life they want to live. We take actions that seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for people with a disability..


We provide timely assistance to people with a disability, families, carers, and service providers. We keep people informed of the progress of complaints with the emphasis on addressing the issue within established time frames.


We work to clear objectives in a transparent manner accepting responsibility for decisions made, being open to appropriate levels of scrutiny and ensuring all conflicts of interest are disclosed and acted upon.


We continually seek ways to improve how we do things and promote learning cultures in disability service organizations to ensure that complaints are vital to continuous improvement.

Our Focus

Our vision is to be leading disability rights, advocacy, and representative organization of and for all people with disability, which strives for the realization of our vision of a socially just, accessible, and inclusive community, in which the human rights, belonging, contribution, potential and diversity of all people with disability are recognized, respected and celebrated with pride.

How we can help

We will facilitate a hub, or meeting places, across Victoria, where you can receive the support you require, meet new friends and get out in your local community, all while learning new skills.