Accommodation SIL/STA/MTA

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is long term support with daily living tasks such as personal care and cooking. We can support you in your own home, a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) or your preferred residence. We support you by adding value into your daily life and doing what you desire most.

Our professional support workers can help you in:

  • Accessing activities you love doing most i.e. sports, movies or
  • Shopping and household tasks
  • Personal care, such as showering and grooming
  • Cooking and Cleaning
  • Taking you for your appointments
  • Taking your medication and so much more!

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Do you need a break from the norm? Or longing for a home-away-from-home? Short Term Accommodation (STA), which includes respite, might be the right fit. STA provides a much-needed break for both participants and carers/guardians. It’s a great way to have a break from the normal daily routine and experience a new environment, make friends and try new things! We provide short-term accommodation and support for your daily living tasks such as personal care. Our highly qualified and experienced support workers are available whenever you need them including during in times of crisis or emergency. The NDIS often funds for up to 28-days a year of STA.

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) is great when you’re transitioning into your forever home but need somewhere to stay in the meantime. MTA only covers the accommodation costs where you live and doesn’t include personal care supports. MTA also doesn’t cover groceries, internet or electricity. The NDIS often funds up to 90-days of this once-off support.